The 2nd Generation of genset controls is designed to provide a maximum of flexibility in a user friendly and intuitive design with a large graphical display for various applications.

This controller is one of a series of new and powerful genset controls (easYgen). This trend-setting technology offers a maximum of flexibility for each user.


New technologies included are:

FlexApp TM 

This intelligent and flexible feature provides the tools to easily configure for multiple applications. The user can configure the easYgen-1000 Series for use as

  • Measuring transducer/engine control [0-CB-Mode {0}] for start/stop
  • 1-breaker-control [GCB open, {1o}] above plus engine/generator protection
  • 1-breaker-control [GCB open/close, {1oc}] above plus stand-by power applications
  • 2-breaker-control [GCB/MCB open/close, {2oc}] above plus AMF, and open transition applications
DynamicsLCD TM

The graphical LCD provides softkeys that vary depending on application and operation.


FlexIn TM

The two analog inputs can be freely configured (adaptable for each type of sensor) by the user as:

  • VDO (0 to 180Ohm [0 to 5bar/0 to 10bar]; 0 to 380Ohm [40 to 120°C/50 to 150°C]; 0 to 180 Ohm [0 to 100% level]; isolated (2-pole) and non-isolated (1-pole) ground senders only)
  • Resistive input (Pt100 / linear 2point / user-defined 9point)
  • 0/4 to 20 mA (linear 2point / user-defined 9point)
FlexCAN TM - Flexible isolated CAN bus for multiple use.

Selectable during configuration: CANopen, or CAN (CAL); coupling of easYlite remote annunciator; coupling of 3 rd party expansion cards supported.

J1939 protocol for ECU coupling and alarm management, remote start/stop with ECU possible (Scania, Volvo, Deutz, MTU).


LogicsManager TM

A large number of measuring values, inputs, internal states or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal function.


Configuration Manual download

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External link - Woodward easYgen1500 product page