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News: PMC was Awarded a Multi-Million Project for Retrofitting the Governing Control and Excitation System in EDL-Gen

EDL-Gen is a state enterprise whose main core business is generating, electricity in Laos, faced a challenging dilemma at Nam Mang III HPP Unit #1 and Unit #2.

The current governing system CJWT-4ll-4.0, each controlling a 20MW Vertical Pelton Hydro Turbine was constantly facing technical control and reliability issues with the governor. Unit #1 & #2 also have an existing Hitachi VCS-6000 static excitation system with aging and obsolete components and has limited manufacturer’s support.

Savankham Electrical Equipments and Machineries Supplier is a supplier and a long term maintenance contractor for Nam Mang III HPP Unit #1 and Unit #2, recommended to retrofit the governor to a reliable digital control system with better technical support.

PMC conducted a site survey. It was decided to replace the existing Chinese made governor CJWT-4ll-4.0 to redundant Woodward Micronet Plus for with simplex I/O modules and ABB UNITROL® 6080 D4 Dual Channel Static Excitation System will replace the existing Hitachi excitation system.
PMC retrofit solution is scheduled to be installed and commissioned in February 2016 for Unit#1, while for Unit# 2 is still to be advised.