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News: PMC was Selected to Retrofit the Four Units of Excitation Control Systems for Sarawak Energy

Batang Ai Hydro Power Station is owned and operated by Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) currently houses four identical synchronous generators directly coupled to vertical Francis turbines. Each generator is rated at 23.5MW. A separate penstock is provided for each turbine.

The generators consist of Meiden Excitation Control Systems which are aged over the years and with limited manufacturer’s support. PM Control and Automation Control Systems, PM Control Channel Partner in Malaysia were selected to retrofit these obsolete excitation systems to ABB Unitrol 6080 D4. PM Control Systems’ scopes include the supply of the ABB D4 hardware, engineering and commissioning services.

This project was keenly contested by five bidders. Automation Control Systems and PM Control Systems emerged as the final winner because of competitive price, proven prompt local service support for their hydro governor systems, and good ABB excitation control system references.

All ABB Unitrol 6080 D4 units will be shipped within 1st quarter of 2016. Installation and commissioning for these units are slated for 2016.