Vertex Pro

Motor - Driven Compressor Control


The Vertex-Pro is an anti-surge controller, designed to control and protect industrial-sized motor-driven axial and centrifugal compressors. This purpose-built controller is available in standard off-the- shelf models or custom models. Standard off-the-shelf models are available for one or two recycle loop applications, while custom models (Vertex-Pro-C models) are available for larger three and four recycle loop applications.

OEM-qualified algorithms are used to ensure that proper start sequences are followed, proper and accurate compressor load calculations are used, and proper protection and recovery actions are performed.

  • Basic functionality includes:
  • Motor Drive Interface Logic
  • Inlet Throttle Valve Control
  • Inlet Guide Vane Control
  • Recycle Valve(s) Control
  • Surge Control
  • Performance Control (suction or

The Vertex-Pro is built on Woodward’s field-proven MicroNet™ platform, and is available in simplex or dual- redundant models. All models utilize the MicroNet’s compact 8-slot chassis and robust field termination modules. Simplex models include one of every module, while dual-redundant models include two of every module, allowing users to perform both bumpless on-line program changes and on-line module replacements.

The Vertex-Pro chassis is designed to be bulkhead-mounted in a cabinet or control panel, and contains the required I/O and core control software to control industrial motor-driven compressors. Typically, this controller is located in an enclosure that is rated for the site-specific environment. Fi eld termination modules (with integrated circuit fuse protection) are included with this controller to allow users to easily land and manage compressor and system interface wiring. The control also supplies source power for associated sensors and I/O circuits.

This control is field-configurable, allo wing users to easily configur e the control to application-specific requirements. A menu-driven software program (Control Assistant) is provid ed with the control, and when installed on any Windows- based computer or laptop, serves as the human interface to the control and or compressor. This Control Assistant is used to configure, service, and optionally operate the control. Optionally a touchscreen OpView™ panel is available for use as a local or remote operator control panel. This OpView panel is comprised of a 307 mm (12.1”) touchscree n computer, and connects to the control via an Ethernet link.