Woodward Electronic Controls

Electronic Controls for Steam Turbines

5009FT Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) Fault Tolerant Steam Turbine Control

Woodward’s 5009FT TMR controls industrial steam turbines of all sizes and types in system-critical applications requiring maximum reliability and availability. This steam turbine controller includes specifically-designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving compressors, generators, or pumps.

Designed for today's plant standardization practices, the 5009FT control system's versatile program can be configured to control steam turbines that are:

  • single valve
  • single extraction
  • single admission
  • single extraction/admission

The 5009FT control's unique PID structure makes it ideal for petrochemical or power generation applications where it is required to control steam plant parameters like:

  • compressor speed
  • generator frequency
  • turbine load
  • turbine inlet pressures
  • exhaust header pressures
  • tie-line power