Product Update - Mid 2016

In past 12 months we have developed and provided many non-standard solutions plus:

Wireless ON/OFF/MODBUS control and monitoring solutions using fail-safe analog/digital radio transmitter & receiver partnering with a leading radio company in Australia.

In comparison to other radio solutions in market we operate at 151MHz for protection & control making it more reliable for a long duration of operation

SolarTune product family

Most Australian utilities require grid connected solar installations over 30KW to include an independent protection system. Their prime concern is to prevent systems from back feeding into their grid during power outages. In other instances utilities also want to limit the amount of power feeding back into the grid during normal operation.
Designed to meet your solar utility protection requirements throughout Australia, SolarTune uses Woodward Protection relays to comply with any utility requirement no matter how strenuous the demand.
Whether it will be for a low voltage installation with only voltage and frequency protections or a utility grade MV installation to include current and power protection, IEC60255 certification, DNP3.0 communications, SCADA, logging and remote control we can asisst you selecting the optimum components to get the approval over the line.
Although every system will have their own requirements and needs some form of customisation we broadly supply two versions, one for export and another for no-export allowed installations.

Export Allowed installation

While the system is in operation and a protection event occurs, SolarTune will make the installation safe for the period that the fault remains. Once the utility power returns or the fault is repaired, SolarTune will monitor the lines for a set period specified by utility after which reconnection occurs.

No-Export Allowed installation

While in operation SolarTune continuously monitors the feed-in power from the utility and controls the solar inverter seamlessly to optimise your PV production level. In the event of a utility failure or unintended power back-feed SolarTune will immediately open the contactor making the installation safe.

Individual Components

Where you would design and built your own PV protection system or install components in an existing switchboard we can provide with any of the Woodward protection relays.